Activities XML file

As Redmine does not expose the activities via its API (yet), we have to workaround this limitation with a custom XML file that contains these.

Simply create this XML file and upload it to a webspace and configure the URL in the preferences in the app.

An example XML file can be found here:

The syntax of the XML file looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<activities type="array">
    <activity name="Development" id="9"/>
    <activity name="Documentation" id="10"/>
    <activity name="Administration" id="12"/>
    <activity name="Test" id="11"/>
    <activity name="Design" id="19"/>
    <activity name="Meeting" id="8"/>
    <activity name="Organisation" id="14"/>
    <activity name="Research" id="17"/>
    <activity name="Vacation & Holidays" id="18"/>

Activity ID

Where do I find the activity ID's?

In the Administration section of Redmine under "Enumerations". The ID's are the numbers in the URL.
Those have to be put manually with the name into the XML file above. The image illustrates this.

Errors / Troubleshooting

Here is some help for the most common errors.

404 Not Found

Please check your URL and make sure that it's correct. This is not a bug in RedTime, this always means that you entered somehow the wrong URL.

Look closely at the error message to see, which URL is incorrect - it can be the Redmine URL or the Activities XML URL!


403 Forbidden

If it appears with the Redmine URL, it's likely that you are not a member of the Redmine project and thus have no permissions (= you are forbidden to book time on this project).

Another possibility is that you have basic authentication enabled. This is currently not supported.

If it appears with the Activities URL, please check if you can access the file through a normal web browser without any authentication. Note that basic authentication is currently not supported.

Possibilities to fix this error: